When you’re busy taking on new projects, making money and running a successful business, a brand revamp is probably the furthest thing from your mind. There will, however, come a time when thoughts of an update will begin to flood your brain, at which point you’ll need to determine whether or not it really is something you need to do.

From logo redesign to website redevelopment, to a digital and print collateral revamp, your brand refresh is no small project. So, choose your timing wisely and make sure you’re really invested before you start.

Not sure if now is the time?

Here are 5 telltale signs that your brand does, indeed, need a refresh. Today.

I would venture to say that if it’s been upwards of 5 years, it might be about time for that makeover. Particularly for websites, still one of your most important marketing pieces, once several years have passed, things start to look seriously dated. That’s because technologies move quickly.

1. The sheer amount of time that has passed since your last one!

If it’s been 5, 6, 7, 8 years, there’s no hard-pressed rule that you need to redo everything from scratch just to look current again. It might mean just a slight tweak to the logo you still love, and a website redesign.

2. The look and feel of your logo, website and other design assets don’t feel right anymore.

Now, of course, there is the possibility that minor tweaking is simply not an option because you can’t stand the look of your old designs (precisely where I am, at the moment – hint, hint, exciting rebrand coming soon!). In this case, time it out when things are a tad slower at work (this is the perfect business-building initiative to take on during those periods). And then, get excited and get into it as you work with a chosen team to rejuvenate your brand.

3. When you try to make updates to your site, it falls apart.

This is an issue.

It also points to the fact that your code is dated – and potentially harming your online status. When small tasks like content updates make your site crash or produce wacky errors, you know you’ve got to make a move pretty quickly. Sometimes there’s a snowball effect, so be ready! It’s quite possible that you move to redesign and redevelop your website only to realize that your logo and colour scheme also need a total revamp.

If it’s time, it’s time.

Go for it and enjoy the process.

4. Trends have changed.

The same way the website world evolved from Flash to no Flash, and from static, short home pages to long, scrolling, story-telling home pages, trends are always changing in the digital world the same way they’re changing in the fashion world.

Your brand is one way to make an incredible (or lacklustre) first impression. Don’t discount the value in this. Think of a prospective client or customer. Do they see your logo and say ‘wow’? Do they land on your website and feel that they have arrived at a place of authority?  

You should be highly confident about your brand. It should reflect who you are, what your business does and why it matters to you so much. If we can make our audience feel that, then the emotional connection may just get us closer to the end result we’re after.         

5. Your business has evolved.

Businesses don’t stay the same. They are living, breathing entities that evolve along with the people who run them. Your brand may not be reflective of your business anymore because your business itself has changed.

Perhaps your target audience has shifted. Maybe your service offering has changed. Perhaps your focal areas are different, or you need to bring those accumulated years of expertise into your brand image.

Whatever it is, give it thought and find ways to reflect your next-generation business through your brand design and development.

Oftentimes a brand revamp also means a content refresh. I love revitalizing brands with copy that is current, engaging and impactful. Contact me for a quick chat!