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The happiness card
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The happiness card. Were you dealt one? Are you holding one in your hand?…

All you need is a little fresh air
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It was a cooped-up kind of day. Lots of rain, an unexpected turn of…

Channelling your nerves
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I was 13. I sat there writing notes vigorously. My fellow Rhythmic Gymnastics teammates…

When you have a case of the “Mundays”
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Isn’t this every week?! In all seriousness, some Mondays feel worse than others and…

bad manners book
“Bad Manners”
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It’s not what you think. I’m not going on a rant about people’s bad…

When to analyze, and when to just go for it!
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Sometimes we have decisions that make us deliberate, research, assess, incubate, wait, re-assess and…