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Think of content as the foundation upon which the rest of your business is built. It’s what describes your brand, explains your service, sells your product. In other words, your content is what you use to market every aspect of your business. When I’m explaining my copywriting service in Toronto, what I follow up that phrase with is this: “I write anything and everything to market a business or a person.”

Why is good copy
so important?

Copy is an essential part of your first impression. Whether it’s the first impression you make on a website, in a blog, through a promo video or with a direct mail postcard, the words you choose can make or break your potential impact.

Good copy:

  • Demonstrates credibility
  • Creates a bond with your audience
  • Sets you apart from your competitors
  • Makes you and your brand powerful and authentic
  • Establishes emotion and invokes action
  • Sells!

Copywriting in 2022

in 2022

While “copywriting” is often still regarded as ad writing specifically, the term is also used to describe “content writing” and “content marketing”. Today, copywriting refers to so much more than just advertising, since the way in which we market to our audiences is much more varied compared to what it was decades ago. Now we use copy to communicate with our potential customers across so many mediums – not just ads. Copywriting is blogs, websites, social media posts, e-books, magazine articles and brochures.

What makes copy go from good to great

How does it flow? Does it make you feel something? Does it answer your question or solve your problem? Is it easy and pleasurable to read? Do particular words resonate with you and stick in your head?

The truth is, great copy is a wild combination of many different factors. But there are a few tried and true techniques that I swear by. If you choose Striking Content as your Toronto copywriting service, here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect to see in the copy I produce.

Strong taglines

These are the first words your audience sees. When I write taglines, I focus on commanding attention, being clever with the words I choose and crafting powerful phrases that make people want to read the next line.

Catchy subheadings

These are the words that break down your copy. Not only are the good ones engaging and compelling, but they also make your content “skimmable”. Subheadings instantaneously make your copy more visually appealing, and they let readers hop from one spot to another in order to get information on what they’re most interested in.


As writers, sometimes our cleverness gets the better of us. What we think is an ingenious collection of words often leads to audience confusion. I like to focus on developing copy that is succinct, to the point, direct and always, always, always in present tense (not past or future, because it weakens the message – unless, of course, it’s grammatically impossible).

Core message

Good copy has an underlying “key takeaway”. This is your main objective. It’s what you want your audience to get out of your content, and it’s the fascinating element that brings your copy to life and gives it purpose. No matter what the project, I like to ask the question: “If there is one, single message you want people to walk away with after reading this, what is it?”


I’m a huge believer in the learning component of my job. If I’m the Toronto copywriting service you’ve entrusted with your project, it’s my responsibility to learn about your business, to understand your product or service, and to research your industry and competitors. Only then will I have done the necessary preparation to produce my best work.


It could be what you consider to be the driest of topics, but the copy doesn’t have to be. By using personality, imagery, reader-friendly formatting, call-out taglines, short paragraphs and clear language, I make sure your audience sticks around.

How it works

I like to approach copywriting projects with a detailed process.


I interview you to gather all the information I need about you, your business, your product or service, vision, purpose, goals, as well as more specific information about the project at hand.


It’s research time! During this phase, I gain a greater understanding of the subject matter and your competition.


I write a portion of the project first and ask for your feedback. This confirms that you like the general direction, and ensures that we’re on the right track together.


I write all remaining first-draft copy.


You review and I complete any revisions you may have.


The content is edited and polished, and you receive the final versions of all documents.

Great copywriting begins and ends with your target audience. It’s not about telling them who you are and what you do, but rather about communicating the benefits you bring and the value you deliver.

Let’s talk copy.