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    Katie Kuperman
    My name is Katie Kuperman and I’m a fiery, passionate and conscientious copywriter in Toronto. It’s my job to give your business a voice, to build content that converts leads into customers and to write compelling copy that puts your company on a pedestal.quote Katie Kuperman, Toronto Copywriter and Content Writing Expert

    Tell your

    Get out there. Get involved. Share your product.

    The options are endless – websites, videos, social media, blogs, media kits, brochures. Whatever the medium, it’s important that you participate, that you have a presence and that your voice is one worth hearing.

    No easy task, right? That’s what I’m here for.

    From Concept
    to Delivery

    You have brilliant marketing ideas for your business – every entrepreneur does. You need a Toronto copywriter who can put those ideas on paper using language that is powerful and engaging.  The process I follow is specifically designed to help me pull every juicy detail from you before I begin writing. And then your story comes to life as page by page, piece by piece, what was once just a concept is now engaging content that interacts with your target market.


    The Striking Content Approach

    I love what I do, which means I actually enjoy putting in the time to produce content I am truly proud of. And this translates into powerful, engaging copy that resonates with your audience.
    How do I do it?

    My Approach

    Listen, Learn, Write

    There is always a learning and research component that takes place before my fingers ever hit the keyboard.

    Best Results

    I believe writing is a work in progress. I provide up to two rounds of revisions on all first drafts to help us arrive at that perfect, finished product.

    Due Diligence

    There’s no such thing as write and then submit – I review each piece at least three times before you ever see it once.

    Level of Service

    I am fanatical about customer service.  Besides, you want to hire me to make your life easier, right?  You’re looking for someone to delegate an important part of your marketing strategy to, is that correct?  Well then it only makes sense that I respond quickly, maintain a flexible schedule, work efficiently, and adhere to deadlines.

    What Is It?

    What Is It?

    This is the first question I ask myself before I start to write and it’s the first important element to define in your copy.  We need to tell your customers exactly who you are and what you do in an exciting and engaging way and I’m a Toronto content marketer who relishes in the challenge.

    Why Does It Matter?

    This is the second, most important – and often missed – piece of the puzzle. Sure, you can write about your business until you have a thousand words on your web page and not a single visitor left in sight but if you do, you’ve missed the key … why does this information matter?

    In other words, what’s in it for your customers? Why do they need to pick up the phone, subscribe to your newsletter or click the submit button on the order form?

    Before a project even begins, I’m a copywriter in Toronto who’s already thinking this way and who knows exactly what questions to ask in order to extract every last bit of information I need to communicate this all-important concept to your audience.

    Why Does It Matter?


    Identify exactly what you want your customers to take away from the content they read. Whether it’s copywriting for a video script, website, article or press release, there is always an objective. And defining it is critical.

    You see, I’m a Toronto copywriter who believes that it is this very message – this “takeaway” – that shapes the copy. Think about it. If, as I write, your takeaway message is in my mind, nestled in super snug, the words I use will portray it – it will, inevitably, be communicated.


    Imagine the Nike Swoosh was a different shape every time you saw it? Or Coca Cola wrote its’ name a different way on every pop can? Branding would be lost.

    The same applies to your content marketing. Imagine how much more effective it is when your customers read copy that has a consistent voice across all platforms? They associate that style and tone with your company and regardless of whether it’s conscious or subconscious, this works wonders for your brand awareness and corporate messaging.

    I’m a copywriter in Toronto who likes to build long-term relationships with my clients because this is where I believe I’m able to provide the most value. Through calculated research, attentive listening and intuitive creativity, I’m a writer you can rely on to communicate your message bang on!


    A Little Background

    I graduated with a Marketing and Business Management degree from the University of Western Ontario.  After beginning my professional career in a sales position, I found myself in a business development role where I wrote and created marketing packages that were designed to drum up more business and build lasting partnerships.  A little over a year later, I honed in on my true passion and became a full time copywriter for a large telecommunications company where I was involved in a number of marketing campaigns. And it was here where I realized that my true dream was to start my very own copywriting business.


    I’m a Dream Follower

    For many months I worked diligently to grow Striking Content in the evenings and on weekends. I promised myself that I wouldn’t leave my full time job until I became so ridiculously busy with new clients of my own that it was downright impossible to do both.

    That’s exactly what happened. And the rest is history.

    Fast Forward to Today

    Today, Striking Content is much more than a business I run – it’s where I pursue my passion and find fulfillment.  I wake up genuinely excited to work!  How many people can actually say that?  I look forward to the day’s phone conferences, brainstorming sessions, writing projects – even accounting!  Okay, I went too far.  Maybe not accounting.  Every single day (yes, even most weekends), I set up shop in my bright red office – and I mean bright red!  As my fingers drum away assertively on my ergonomic keyboard, creativity flows yet again.  And I love every minute of it.

    Fast forward
    Writing Services

    Writing Services


    View My Work

    Every freelance writer is different. We each have our own talents, capabilities, styles and specialties. Business is business, but writing is a very personal aspect of your marketing plan and you need to feel good about who you decide to work with. What better way to evaluate whether or not I’m the best Toronto copywriter for your company than to browse through some of my work?

    If you need to see additional samples, there’s more where this came from so please don’t hesitate to ask.

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