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“My name is Katie Kuperman and I am a copywriter in Toronto with 15 years of experience writing content to successfully market businesses and individuals. Working across numerous industries and sectors, my proven process enables me to write effectively for any topic or subject matter. Listening intently, researching extensively and working diligently, I write the kind of copy that makes your audience want to take the next step.”

Katie Kuperman,

Toronto Copywriter and Content Writing Expert

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Whats the project

What’s the project?

I write anything and everything that has to do with marketing a business or an individual. Personalized and collaborative in nature, my writing services are designed to take you from concept to final result in a way that works for you and your business.


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The Connection

The connection

It begins with an excellent working relationship.

One of the aspects of my work that I love so much is the opportunity to connect with people, learn about their businesses and help them develop content that is unique and impactful. For years my clients have been telling me how much they appreciate the fact that I can speak with them, accurately identify with their core values and goals, and then create the kind of copy that they knew they wanted, but couldn’t write themselves.

Bring your brand to life

Bring your brand to life

Through valuable content.

Every business has a voice. As owners, entrepreneurs, executives and people with great ideas, it’s up to us to use that voice to deliver significant and memorable content to our audience. Whether it’s a brand story to establish consumer connection, a pillar content article that answers a critical industry question, or a monthly newsletter designed to keep in touch, I can help you create a content campaign with meaningful touchpoints.

Let’s make magic

Lets make magic book

Page by page.

You have brilliant marketing ideas for your business – every entrepreneur does. You need a Toronto copywriter who can put those ideas on paper using language that is authoritative and engaging. The process I follow is specifically designed to help me pull every juicy detail from you before I begin writing. And then your story comes to life as page by page, piece by piece, what was once just a concept is now compelling content that commands the attention of your target audience.

How I do it

My proven process. 15 years in the making.

All the way through, you can count on exceptional service and responsiveness.
In fact, I’m fanatical about it.

Have a look for yourself

A few samples from my portfolio.


What my clients have to say

Katie is brilliant. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Katie for almost a decade now, on a wide range of writing projects for multiple business ventures. From then to now, no matter the need or the timeframe, I know I can always rely on Katie to get the job done. She took the time upfront to learn about me, my business and the kind of writing I wanted. Now, we work together seamlessly and I know I can call on her for absolutely any writing need and we’ll arrive at a finished product I’m extremely happy with. Her precision with words and her ability to bring my disjointed thoughts to life is profound. She’s truly gifted and I am lucky to have her as part of my journey wherever it takes me.

Peter Saad
Saad Law

Katie literally made my dream of writing a book become a reality. She was my ghostwriter for “BipolHER”, which was not an easy book to write because of the, at times, disturbing realities of mental illness. I simply told her my story and she turned it into a book that has opened doors for me that I never imagined. The book is receiving amazing reviews from mental health professionals. I am receiving emails on a daily basis about the impact this book has made in the lives of those who have read it. Some have learned about a loved ones illness, some have told me they felt completely alone until reading the book and professionals have shook my hand and thanked me. None of this would have been possible without the talent of Katie behind the keyboard. Talented is an understatement when it comes to describing Katie. She has a God given talent and she puts it to work everyday!

Brienne Hicks
BipolHER, Book

Katie has been providing writing support for me for several years proving to be an effective relief valve when content requests begin to build up pressure. Katie quickly picked up the nuances of writing for the mining industry and has demonstrated that she is a reliable and dependable partner. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to others.

Jeffrey Lerman

Striking Content Blog & Vlog

My semi-often sharing and brain dumping on all things content related.

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An e-Resource that provides value.

It isn’t always easy to determine when or why you need a freelance copywriter for your business. That’s why I wrote an e-book to answer the all-important question about how your business can benefit from a freelance content writer.

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Check out my
published work

A book with a message behind it.

In October of 2021, I became the published author of The Only Way Out, a young adult novel about bullying and mental health. Addressing two of the most important issues plaguing our youth, my book is rooted in an important message about the power of talking openly and speaking up.

Learn More About the Book

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Presentations, media spots and podcasts.

I can put together a presentation for your internal writing and marketing team about how to make your content POP online and offline. Have me on your media outlet to discuss trends and movements in the content space. Or, let me appear as a guest on your podcast to discuss any content, marketing or publishing subject of your choosing.

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