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product packaging

While it might be the bold colours, sleek fonts or the shape of your product package that calls out to consumers as they walk down the aisle, it’s the copy that hones them in for the purchase. Think about it. First, a product may catch your eye (for any number of reasons). Then you take a closer look and read the words on the package to validate your decision to buy.

Why is it important to have good product packaging copy?

On the retail side, product packaging is first impression material. It’s your chance to be in front of potential buyers, entice them to pick up your product and then win them over as they start reading. An excellently written product package can:

  • Tell your buyer exactly what your product or service is
  • Be relatable and persuasive
  • Instill trust
  • Prove and convince people of the problem you’ll solve for them
  • Get buyers’ attention – and keep it

Developing great content for a
product package

Whether it’s a box, a bag or some other unique shape, your product package has a set number of sides. That’s how much space you have to WOW buyers with a mix of visuals and words.

When I write product packaging copy, here’s what I focus on:

Brevity iconBrevity

While there are a million incredible things to say about your product or service, it is extremely important to identify the most important pieces and highlight those. Keep it short and sweet.

Punchy taglines and sentences iconPunchy taglines and sentences

We want to command buyers’ attention and keep them engaged right up until the point they toss the item into their cart. Long-winded, run-on phrases are not the way to do that.

Benefits iconBenefits

Rather than writing about who you are and what you’re offering, I prefer to focus on who the customer is and what they’re looking for. What this does is it develops content that highlights benefits, not features.

Emotions iconEmotions

You want to make your buyers feel something. The way to do that is to tell them a story, paint them a picture and set the stage for emotion to come into the buying experience.

How i work image

How I work

I believe in taking all the time in the world upfront – that means before any writing takes place. I interview you, learn about your business and your product, and research your industry.

Once I have a solid foundation, I write. If it’s a large product package, I might write part of it first and get your feedback before continuing on with the rest.

After you see the first draft, if there are revisions, I incorporate them and go through several rounds of polishing to ensure we arrive at a finished project you are exceptionally happy with.

When you choose Striking Content, you’re working with a product packaging copywriting service in Toronto that knows how to pull from the depths of your brand. I collaborate with you to help you develop a product package that not only perfectly represents your brand, but also convinces shoppers it’s your product they should spend their money on.

I love learning about new products.