content writing presentationFood is at the core of every culinary masterpiece the same way content is at the core of every marketing masterpiece. Without food, chefs cannot create delectable dishes and without content, marketers cannot develop engaging materials that entice customers to buy.

From the core of every masterpiece stems creativity, vision…and ultimately, results.

So What Can We Learn from the Culinary Masters?

A culinary genius knows that although the food he is about to work with is at the core of the masterpiece he is creating, he also knows that it is only one small part of the whole. The way the food is received has a lot to do with how it is presented.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

Picture this.

You don’t like seafood. You’re out for dinner at a prestigious restaurant whose head chef is a well-known name in the industry. Your partner orders a scallop dish and you you cringe at the thought.

Dinner is served, and although you couldn’t be more excited about your steak, you find yourself eyeing your partner’s dish with a salivating mouth. The presentation is exquisite. The scallops barely look like scallops because they’re each topped with a tiny bed of arugula and surrounded by a delicately designed pool of rose sauce.

And voila! You’re interested. It looks fantastic. You ask your partner for a small taste and although it certainly wouldn’t be your first choice, you actually somewhat enjoy it.

The Power of Presentation

If your partner had whipped up a few scallops over the stove and thrown them carelessly into a bowl for dinner, you wouldn’t have looked twice. But this experience was different because that’s just it – it was an experience.

The chef tantalized your taste buds and peaked your interest through the presentation of the dish.

And the same can be said for the way in which you present your content.

Spice it Up!

Sure, a long, single-paragraph page of copy is ugly and uninviting (just like the scallops tossed in the bowl). But content that is well structured, cleverly laid out and accompanied by interesting imagery and graphics is a whole other story (like the scallop dish at the fancy restaurant).

Whether you’re producing a new website, revamping your existing site, creating an email campaign, or writing a brochure, think of the power of presentation. Remember the culinary master.

Present your content in an exciting way. Engage your readers visually.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you create your content writing masterpiece:

  • Use short paragraphs and even single-line statements
  • Use italics and bold text to emphasize important messages
  • Use relevant headlines
  • Write as you would speak to someone
  • Write definitively, openly and concisely
  • Add images and graphics to bring life to the piece

Remember, copywriting is infinitely important and you wouldn’t have a marketing campaign without it. But it’s only part of what you need to make your finished product something that people really want.