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Video Script

What I like most about writing video scripts is seeing my words come to life in visually appealing and powerful ways for the benefit of end users.

Every video begins with a script

That script might be in the form of closed captioning or subtitling, where viewers see the text on the screen. Or, your video script might be narrated by one or more characters. There are numerous ways to bring any promotional video to life – and the first step is always the written script.

Every video begins with a script image

Why create a video?

While I refuse to believe that “no one reads content anymore”, it is undoubtedly true that we’ve molded into a more visual marketing world. A well-written and well-produced video can:

  • Educate your audience
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Boost search engine rankings
  • Be repurposed and reused in many different ways
  • Reach people through an additional and popular medium

How I work

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Before any writing takes place, I conduct a detailed phone or video conference with you. Here’s where I gather all the information I need in order to take your ideas from concept to finished product.

I brainstorm with you about potential video styles, themes and directions. From here, I write the video script and submit the draft for your review.

We work collaboratively together to revise and polish the script so it’s ready for submission to your videographer and producer.

Writing a compelling video script

Even though a video is visual, it is often the words spoken or written on the screen that make us feel something significant. And this is the job of the Toronto video script writer you hire. Here’s what I focus on when I write:

Tell a story

Every video has a story. Whether we’re explaining how a product works, educating the audience on a medical condition, showing the current phase of a construction project or talking about the core values behind a company, it’s a story. And it needs to be a page-turner.


Take viewers on a journey

Short sentences and frames of thought work best. It makes for an easy-to-digest, punchy and memorable video script. Bit by bit, piece by piece, it’s a journey we’re taking viewers on, until they ultimately arrive at the key takeaway.


Ignite emotion

Words need to be powerful. Carefully crafted and strung together beautifully, a solid video script has a way of making people feel a certain way. Ideally, those emotions are meaningful enough for them to take the next step.


Stay true to your brand

Every great brand has a voice. Maybe that voice is punchy and edgy, or perhaps it’s soft and empathetic. Whatever it is, be sure it’s consistently portrayed throughout your video so all your marketing mediums go together seamlessly.


Ask for the action

This is easy to overlook. Nice story, nice video…then what? What do you want your audience to do next? The more explicit you can make the next step, the better. Don’t make people guess or think about it. Tell them what you want them to do, and then, simply ask for it.

Multi channel uses image

Multi-channel uses

Once you have a great marketing video backed by emphatic visuals and an engaging script, it’s time to disseminate.

  • Be sure it’s in a relevant spot on your website.
  • Put it up on your YouTube channel.
  • Post it to social media.
  • Embed a link to it in your digital marketing PDFs.
  • Include it at the end of your emails or create an email
    campaign around it.

Think far and wide for maximum reach and impactful results.

When I take on video script projects, I enjoy developing clear and concise copy with a powerful twist that sticks in people’s minds. Stories, concepts and key ideas come to life in uniquely written and visual ways.

Is a video the next step in your marketing strategy?