Maybe it’s because I’m a writer – and I might add, a writer who does her best work in silence, or white noise, to be precise – but lately I’ve been noticing that when I take a few minutes to be on my own in silence, I like where my mind goes. (Most of the time. Naturally, I sometimes fall prey to negative brain spins and wacky daydreams that are anything but positive.)


I’m currently in the process of reading The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha. There’s a section of the book in which he talks about the importance of creating space. The “space” he’s referring to is the space you give yourself from work, and the general hustle and bustle of life. It might be a family vacation abroad or a weekend getaway down south. But it can also be a lot more basic than that, too. An extra long shower in the morning, a salt bath at night, a jog in the park or a walk through the forest.

Essentially it’s anything that gives your brain a chance to operate at a slower pace, and maybe even turn right off from everything it’s usually thinking about.

…and silence

I’m going to take it one step further and say that in addition to the space, let there be silence, too. These days I’m not often alone, and while I do prefer it that way (I’m a super social, people-addicted kind of person), I must say that when I give myself even just a few minutes completely to myself, it feels good.

My favourite way to get this is usually in my family room, either on my couch or sitting on the floor. My finishing touch is fire. I turn my fireplace on and watch the flames as I let myself simply BE.

Then what?

Sometimes I find that this “Double S” scenario (space + silence) brings me my next blog post idea. Or I get an “aha” moment with a client project that simply wasn’t flowing earlier. Or I think of a cool thing to do with my kids. And sometimes, it gives me nothing at all. In these cases, it feels amazing to just be quiet, slow, stationary. No phone, no computer, no music, no movement. Stillness. And flames.

Fitting it in

I’m trying to make a few minutes for this practice every single day. Sometimes it’s a few extra, sometimes just a couple. The point is I make it happen. And a short time is better than no time at all.

Do you create the “Double S” in your life? What does it look like in your world?