Isn’t this every week?!

In all seriousness, some Mondays feel worse than others and definitely deserve to be called “Mmmuuuuuunnnnndays” (thank you 1990s movie, Office Space!), but I’m never ever my full, energetic, uber-productive self on this lacklustre first day of each week.

Just accept it

This I find to be incredibly powerful, even though it’s so simple. I used to try to battle it out, never giving up until the bitter end. “I can change this feeling, fix it, snap out of it, you can do it!”


The more I spoke to others, heard clever quips from hosts on the radio and asked for third-party opinions, I realized that everyone feels this way on Mondays. It’s just the way it is. Our bodies and minds need a day to get back in the swing of things. Can you blame us? Weekends are fun and free. Then we get back to the grind, and we just need a little time to get fully into it.

So then, sit with it. How you feel is how you feel. It’s all good.

Besides, that doesn’t mean your whole day is shot!

Sit down (or get up) and do your work

Just do it.

Stop procrastinating, wasting time, thinking of a million other things to do, or wallowing in your “Munday” mood. Force it out of you. Whatever it is on your to-do list today, get to it and make it happen. My favourite time is Monday night right before bed, knowing that I pushed through, got things done and now deserve the sleep I’m about to get.

Cut yourself a little slack, too

Even though I believe you absolutely should get to work and force yourself to knock a few things off that list, I also recommend that you tread lightly. Don’t make Monday’s list longer and harder than Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, Thursday’s or Friday’s. Go easy on yourself. Allow for a little flexibility. If you’re rockin’ it for whatever reason this Monday, go for it! On the other hand, if you desperately need that extra little midday snooze or some more time outside and off your computer, let yourself have it. You deserve it. And don’t worry, you’ll make it up on the days ahead when you’re sharper, more motivated and working at a higher energy level.