I’ve actually said this twice today in different scenarios. Not sure where I found the phrase within me, which doesn’t even sound like great English (and I’m a writer, haha!), but I’ll tell you that it was well received both times, so this tells me it wasn’t complete verbal diarrhea. But I’ll admit, it sounds odd when you first hear it, right?

Here’s what I mean

“Being people” with “other people” is being able to act like human beings with one another. COVID-19 doesn’t let us do that.

For example…

  • Don’t shake that person’s hand at a first meeting.
    Stay six feet away (or is it eight?!) while you’re having a conversation with anyone.
  • Never, EVER hug anyone outside your household.
  • Kiss on the cheek? Are you friggin’ kidding me?
  • Don’t let your kids get too close to other kids at the playground.
  • Don’t let your kids talk to other kids who aren’t six feet away (or is it eight?!).
  • Don’t let your kids “play normal” with other kids.
  • Don’t see family members who don’t live with you.
  • If you break the rules and do see them, stay far away.
  • Don’t linger at the retail store and talk with the clerk – that’s too risky.
  • Get out of any indoor environment as fast as you can.
  • Avoid other people as much as possible.

All of these rules go against the natural desire and need for human beings to connect with other human beings. For people to BE people with other people.

I get it. But…

We need to stop the spread. And I’m listening!

The thing is, this virus has been around for a year. And even once we’re all vaccinated (if you choose to be vaccinated), it’s not going to magically disappear. It’ll just be another virus that circulates each flu season. So, I struggle with living life in a way that doesn’t let me be the person I want to be towards others – whether it’s my extended family, my friends, or the stranger at the grocery store who I spark up a conversation with.

It’s sad.

I miss being “the full” me.