Take a step back and look at your life.

Do you like your home? Are you happy with your career choice? Do you have a strong support network you can count on? How are your personal relationships? Are you and your partner in sync? Is single life all you want it to be? Do you feel fulfilled? Are you happy? Are you where you want to be?


Are the days getting you down? Do you struggle with something? Is there no one you feel comfortable turning to for help? Do you feel lost? Alone? Sad? Unfulfilled?


Every so often, it’s good to take a look. See your life for what it is and assess how you feel about it. This might take but a moment, or it may require a more deep dive into your existence. Whatever the requirement, get to the bottom of it.

Life should feel like…well…life. You deserve to feel alive, well and thriving. The first step to determining if you are, in fact, living your best life, is to take a cold, hard look at it. Even if it’s a little uncomfortable at first, it’s necessary.

What does it all mean?

After you evaluate how you feel about the current state of your life, it’s time to uncover the significance of what you’ve discovered. Maybe you’re mostly happy but there are gaps you want to fill in. Perhaps you’re not happy and you need a complete overhaul. Or maybe this exercise has given you the insight to see that you are living your greatest life, in which case, now you’re more aware of it than ever before and can feel truly grateful for all you have.

Whatever the circumstance and wherever you’re at, figure out what it means so you can take the next step.

Invite change

Change is usually uncomfortable for most of us. It was funny, you know, the other day, my family and I were in my daughter’s room reconfiguring and measuring things out for a new desk that is currently being built for her. This resulted in a rearrangement of her furniture and I found myself in an open state of full-blown resistance. Why? It wasn’t even my room! After a few minutes, I felt my nerves settle and I, along with everyone else, agreed that this new arrangement looked quite good. I hadn’t realized I had the change-aversion gene in me. Go figure.

Small, large, significant or almost negligible, if there’s something in your life you’re not happy with, you need to do something about it. It’s difficult, I know. You might feel stuck, you might not even understand it, or you may dismiss it thinking it’s not worth it. But it is. And you are worth it.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the daily grind, we forget to check in with ourselves every now and then. When we do, we give ourselves a chance to speak up. And that’s incredibly important.

From birth to death, life is a process. If we are not making every effort to live happy and give ourselves the best shot at the best life, then what’s the point?