Authoritative contentIt’s one thing to put up a website and start selling your products or services online, but it’s quite another to be the site that cuts through the clutter – with your target audience, with the search engines, with colleagues and competitors, and with other reputable online publishers.

The Web is a noisy, chaotic and saturated place. With so many other companies fighting for the same business you are, it’s the authoritative website that earns it.

What is an Authoritative Website?

An authoritative website:

  • Provides useful, high-quality and intelligent content
  • Offers effective solutions to solve customer problems
  • Attracts links from other authoritative publishers who recognize its value
  • Appeals to the social networkers who want to share its content with others
  • Employs an honest and informative sales process that converts visitors into buyers

At the Core

Sure, we may hide behind our websites, blogs and social media personalities, but at the real crux of it all, the Web is comprised of people. Business owners, teachers, academics, sales gurus, writers…and we all have something to say. And it’s what we say that sets us apart.

Content is at the core of every authoritative website.

So what can you do to create authoritative content?

1 – Put Your Audience First

First of all, who is your audience? Get to know them, understand them, and think about what it is they want or need. Why have they come to your website? Although you need to tell your audience about you, somehow, you still need to make it about them.

Think about what questions they may have and be sure to answer them in your copy. Take a problem-solving approach to your web communications and offer real solutions.

2 – Have a Strategy

Think about the long term and decide when, how and in what form you’re going to communicate your message. Start to educate yourself on content promotion, graphic design, paid advertising and Search Engine Optimization. Know how to best deliver your message to get the results you’re after.

3 – Become an Expert

Customers want to get the information they need from people who know what they’re talking about. Every industry is different but they all have one thing in common: they change and evolve over time. Commit yourself to staying abreast of new trends, keeping up to date with latest technologies and advancing your personal stature within your industry. The more you know, the more you can offer. Knowledge is authority.

4 – Show You Care

User friendly and compassionate content is the easiest to read. Show your readers that you understand who they are and what they need. Don’t use overly sophisticated language that no one understands to try and illustrate your level of authority. This isn’t what authority is about. Talk to your audience. Have an interactive and intelligent conversation. Write copy that is simple, yet professional and engaging.

5 – Be Consistent

This is often the hardest part. Everyone is busy and most business owners wish there were more than 24 hours in a day. And if business is going well, you’re likely tied up serving clients and making money – which is a great thing! But regular communication with your audience is an essential part of any growth strategy. So whether you plan to deliver new content yourself or you think it’s best to hire a professional to manage your content promotion, try to be consistent. Be it once a day, once a week, or once a month, become a reliable voice in your industry.

Establishing an authoritative online presence is no easy task. But with the right copywriter and an understanding of the importance of good content, you’ll be well on your way.