My offering to you during COVID-19: Reduced pricing on all projects

Striking Content is open and I’m actively writing for the clients I value so much.
Whether you have pandemic-specific messaging you need help with or non-COVID related content requirements, I’m here for you.
During these difficult and uncertain times, I'm trying to do my small part and so I’m offering a 15% discount on every project that comes my way.

Let me know if I can help.

Stay safe and be healthy.

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    Striking Content Blog

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    10 Apr '21

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE! The grass is always greener on the other side

    For me, I don’t look at the lives of others and think their grass is greener. As a matter of fact, I think... Read More

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    9 Apr '21

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE! Why fear is not a good excuse

    “I’m scared.” “Too much of a risk.” “I don’t feel comfortable.” “But if I do that, then this might happen.” “I can’t. I... Read More

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    8 Apr '21

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE! Put down the smartphone.

    When did we start becoming seriously attached to our phones? When did it become okay for us to go to dinner with a... Read More

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    7 Apr '21

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE! How to be more efficient

    Don’t we all want to achieve this in some way? Whether we’re talking about work, writing, showering, how long it takes us to... Read More