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    19 Apr '21

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE! Make time for silence.

    Maybe it’s because I’m a writer – and I might add, a writer who does her best work in silence, or white noise,... Read More

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    18 Apr '21

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE! There’s something you can learn from everyone.

    No matter how old we get, how many books we read, how many documentaries we watch, how many degrees we get…we’ll never know... Read More

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    17 Apr '21

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE: Don’t undervalue your service.

    A fellow writer and long-time friend of mine reached out yesterday to ask me about how I charge in my business. She went... Read More

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    16 Apr '21

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE! Are you where you want to be?

    Take a step back and look at your life. Do you like your home? Are you happy with your career choice? Do you... Read More


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