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    1 Apr '21

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE! What COVID makes me miss: Being people with other people

    I’ve actually said this twice today in different scenarios. Not sure where I found the phrase within me, which doesn’t even sound like... Read More

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    30 Apr '21

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE! The happiness card.

    The happiness card. Were you dealt one? Are you holding one in your hand? Do you plan to use it to win the... Read More

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    29 Apr '21

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE! All you need is a little fresh air.

    It was a cooped-up kind of day. Lots of rain, an unexpected turn of events that prevented my outdoor time in the morning... Read More

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    28 Apr '21


    Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you really wanted to say something, to stand up for what you believe in,... Read More

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    27 Apr '21

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE: Channeling your nerves

    I was 13. I sat there writing notes vigorously. My fellow Rhythmic Gymnastics teammates were all around me, and we each listened intently... Read More


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