Toronto writerRemember when you were little and your parents enrolled you in swimming classes but all you wanted to do was dance? Or maybe they tried to instill good discipline by signing you up for guitar lessons but you never gave it your all because hockey was the only thing on your mind.

The truth is, we excel at what we’re passionate about.

And for me, that’s writing.

What Does a Toronto Writer Do?

Since the start of my business, I’ve had the pleasure of working on some pretty unique projects. It isn’t always website content, brochures, media kits and press releases. I’ve edited people’s books, written short stories and even crafted intimate love letters. The beauty of my job as a Toronto writer is that no two projects are ever the same. I have the privilege of writing creatively, strategically and technically according to the demands of the project.

How I Spend My Day

I wake up at the crack o’ dawn, freshen up, grab a coffee and sit down at my computer. Once I’ve attended to emails and returned any missed calls from the evening before, I start writing. Some writers in Toronto are sharpest in the morning and I would say 90% of the time, I definitely fit into this stat, but on some days, it is quite the opposite and I’m able to write great copy well into the evening hours. Truth is, when I write, I’m at my happiest – whether it is a book for a client, a social media post for a new site I’m managing or an article for my website.

A Regimented Schedule

I have a strict schedule that I follow. I’m a Toronto writer with a strong work ethic that pushes me to my limits on a daily basis. Some days I work long hours, but I take regular breaks to keep my mind fresh and alert. Even though my weekends always include at least a little bit of work, I believe strongly in keeping a healthy life balance between work, friends, family and other hobbies and interests. When we give ourselves rest, we’re capable of a much higher level of productivity when it comes time to work again. I exercise every day and follow a very healthy diet, not only to maintain my personal wellness but also to fuel my brain with all the nutrients it needs to maximize performance.

Where There is Passion, There is Excellence

Back to the swimming classes and guitar lessons – granted they taught you how to swim, how to make great music, how to commit yourself to a challenge and stick with it, and how to practice regularly in order to increase your skills. But, if the passion was missing, you were never as good as you could have been. When it comes to choosing our career path, it is the passion we must follow. The rest is just practice. When we’re passionate about our work, it doesn’t feel like work and we’re able to put in thousands and thousands of hours without burning out. And because it is our passion that guides us, we’re able to produce incredible results. As I sit here at my computer typing away, there’s no other job I’d rather have.

I was born to be a Toronto writer, helping businesses of all types and sizes achieve their marketing goals through exciting and engaging copy that speaks to their target audiences and defines who they are.