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    Toronto Content Marketing Writer

    Engaging, valuable content has never been more important for online businesses. If we took a picture of the marketing landscape twenty years ago, we would see the use of advertisements and special offers that persuaded customers to make a purchase. Today, the picture looks much different. Companies post in blogs, start a conversation on social media outlets, write articles, create mini videos and use mobile display advertising. The use of content in every sense of the word gives customers the ability to make educated and informed decisions about what to buy.


    cubeesUse Content as Your Building Block

    Meaningful content is the driving force behind every good marketing campaign. Customers don’t just want to be told about your product, they want to read, watch and interact with your brand. As an expert in your field, you already have the ability to share knowledge, tips, guidelines and interesting facts with your audience. And the more you share, the more you position yourself as a credible and trusted source. The next time a customer has a question or wants to purchase a related product, they’ll think of you first.

    speedometerProducing Fresh Content at a Good Pace

    One of the most difficult parts about running a successful content marketing campaign is finding the internal resources to create and publish content at a pace that’s capable of meeting your goals. This is where a Toronto content marketing writer can help. Whether you need video scripts, blog posts or whitepapers, I can work with you to create exciting and valuable content for your target market.

    tableticonsCreate Powerful Digital Content

    I’m a content marketing writer in Toronto who can help you produce content that is engaging, current and on-trend in your industry. If you have a one-off writing piece or a comprehensive campaign in mind, I am happy to contribute to your content marketing vision through blogs, website content, email marketing, video script writing, ebooks, white papers and social media content.



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