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    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE! The happiness card.

    The happiness card. Were you dealt one? Are you holding one in your hand? Do you plan to use it to win the game? We either have "the happiness card" or we don't. By that, I don't mean if you weren't born with it then you're s*&^ out of luck. I mean that we either have it in our possession or not. And it is up to us to decide whether or not we do. When you don't have it If our hand is devoid of the happiness card, we see bad. No matter where we turn there are things to worry about. We have a tendency to complain. We might feel anxious or depressed at times. The focus of our conversations is about things we're dissatisfied with. Our shoulders hunch over and our eyes gaze low. The tone of our voice is uninviting and unwelcoming. The lens through which…    Continue Reading »

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE! All you need is a little fresh air.

    It was a cooped-up kind of day. Lots of rain, an unexpected turn of events that prevented my outdoor time in the morning and all of a sudden it was 3:30pm and I hadn't graced the outside with my presence since 8:30am during one of my kid's quick school drop-offs (which doesn't even really count). The first breath is always the best 3:30pm. Still raining? Yup. But I didn't care. I rounded up the troops and out we went - boots, raincoats, splash pants and all! The rain can be so relaxing and refreshing if you have the right mindset about it. I stood directly out in all of it. Pit, pat, pit, pat, pit, pat...I heard it drop over my hooded head. It felt good. Then I took my first big deep breath. It was bliss, just as it always is. Do you find that, too? After a few…    Continue Reading »


    Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you really wanted to say something, to stand up for what you believe in, to speak your mind, to communicate a really important message? So...did you do it? Or did you freeze... "He who hesitates is lost" This is a famous line that my dad has said to me on occasion throughout my life. And is it ever fitting for my message in this post. Its origins date back to an 18th Century Play by the name of "Cato", written by English essayist and poet, Joseph Addison. Its meaning is this: "Swift and resolute action leads to success; self-doubt is a prelude to disaster." Simply put: "If you react too slowly to situations, especially urgent ones, you'll die, get hit, lose a good opportunity, lose the girl (or boy), fail to make the grade..." If you have something to say, say…    Continue Reading »

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE: Channeling your nerves

    I was 13. I sat there writing notes vigorously. My fellow Rhythmic Gymnastics teammates were all around me, and we each listened intently to the woman at the front of the room writing on the green chalkboard. The basement room of the college was anything but great, but the seminar was something I've never forgotten. Adrenaline As athletes, the seminar was designed to educate us in the mental side of competitive sport. For several years, I travelled the world performing and competing as a Rhythmic Gymnast. And oh, was there ever a mental side to it. There is for every sport. I'm sure you can imagine the incredible amounts of stress, pressure and nerves we experienced. Over the years I learned that nerves come from the adrenaline your body experiences before a big event. You can let those nerves get the better of you, or use them in a positive…    Continue Reading »

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE! When you have a case of the “Mundays”

    Isn't this every week?! In all seriousness, some Mondays feel worse than others and definitely deserve to be called "Mmmuuuuuunnnnndays" (thank you 1990s movie, Office Space!), but I'm never ever my full, energetic, uber-productive self on this lacklustre first day of each week. Just accept it This I find to be incredibly powerful, even though it's so simple. I used to try to battle it out, never giving up until the bitter end. "I can change this feeling, fix it, snap out of it, you can do it!" But...why? The more I spoke to others, heard clever quips from hosts on the radio and asked for third-party opinions, I realized that everyone feels this way on Mondays. It's just the way it is. Our bodies and minds need a day to get back in the swing of things. Can you blame us? Weekends are fun and free. Then we get…    Continue Reading »

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE! “Bad Manners”.

    It's not what you think. I'm not going on a rant about people's bad manners today. Okay...maybe inadvertently. I wrote a children's story today with my kids I've had this idea in my head for awhile. A concept for a children's book. In fact, it's based on a true story about my kids and I. The premise of the story actually happened in real life. (Embarrassing for me, and you'll see why.) So, my kids and I wrote and illustrated this children's book today. It was a blast! Maybe we have something here? ;) Here it goes. "Bad Manners" By: Brody, Tess and Katie Kuperman Once upon a time, there lived two funny, good-looking, sweet, talented, energetic, hard-working little ants, Brody and Tess. There was just one thing wrong... They had terrible, poor, horrendous, yucky BAD manners. Mama and Papa were working on those BAD MANNERS every single day. They…    Continue Reading »

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE! The interesting phenomenon of miscommunication.

    It happens all the time. Miscommunication is a common occurrence. We're human after all. As I began writing this, I realized there are a million different topics to be covered within the realm of miscommunication. Clearly, not all can be covered here (hence the reason I plan to write a whole book on communication (and the "mis") one day - plug!), so, I'm only going to focus on a single aspect of miscommunication: your choice of words. Sometimes poor communication sounds like, "I don't get it", other times it's something to the effect of, "But that's not what I thought you meant", or even, "hey, you never said that" only to hear the other person retort back with, "um, yes I did". Poor choice of words Whatever it is you're trying to say, are you able to articulate yourself? This is unbelievably important. Think of the words you're using to…    Continue Reading »

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE! Why I love writing in today’s marketing world.

    It's not rigid. There are no "rules". It's all about the customer. You're free to let your creativity run wild! Casual and real In high school and university, I detested writing essays. Does that seem odd since now I'm a professional writer? It's actually not. And I'll tell you why. Writing essays is rigid form. There are very specific rules you need to follow in order to write what a teacher constitutes a "good essay". State your thesis, formulate and flesh out three arguments, and finally, conclude. (Ahh, it's all coming back to me now!) Marketing writing of the past I would venture to say was also a lot more reserved. Professionalism and more formal writing was expected. Today, things are different. The best copy and the content most people are happy reading is conversational, friendly, accessible and approachable. Lots of my clients say, "write this for a grade five…    Continue Reading »

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE! When to analyze, and when to just go for it!

    Sometimes we have decisions that make us deliberate, research, assess, incubate, wait, re-assess and assess some more. Other times, we make decisions in the blink of an eye - no hesitation, no long thought processes, just raw instinct. So, when is it right to analyze the s*&% out of something and when is it right to follow that inner gut feeling that makes us just do? The little stuff What constitutes "little" these days? Little decisions are the ones you make every single day. What to wearWhat to eat for breakfast How many times you need to check your email What work project you should tackle first What to eat for lunch How long you should work forWhen you need a coffee break Who's picking the kids up from school What to eat for dinnerWhat time to go to bed The more you can NOT think about these types of…    Continue Reading »

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE! Sit down and get to work.

    I recently heard a clip from one of Joe Rogan's podcasts and it caught my attention. He was talking about discipline. Referencing a book by Steven Pressfield called The War of Art, Joe says you need to show up and do the work. In fact, he even brought up the writing profession stating that so many writers admit that they find it difficult to, well, write! While we all have some little, teeny voice inside of us that simply wants to do nothing, it's up to us to make sure we sit down and put in the work. Or else...nothing will get done. Force yourself to do it The hardest part is the beginning. Once you grab that coffee, block out all the clever excuses your brain has come up with, make yourself sit down and just get started, you're halfway there. Think about it. How is anything going to…    Continue Reading »


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