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    27 Apr '21

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE: Channeling your nerves

    I was 13. I sat there writing notes vigorously. My fellow Rhythmic Gymnastics teammates were all around me, and we each listened intently... Read More

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    26 Apr '21

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE! When you have a case of the “Mundays”

    Isn’t this every week?! In all seriousness, some Mondays feel worse than others and definitely deserve to be called “Mmmuuuuuunnnnndays” (thank you 1990s... Read More

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    25 Apr '21

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE! “Bad Manners”.

    It’s not what you think. I’m not going on a rant about people’s bad manners today. Okay…maybe inadvertently. I wrote a children’s story... Read More

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    24 Apr '21

    30-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE! The interesting phenomenon of miscommunication.

    It happens all the time. Miscommunication is a common occurrence. We’re human after all. As I began writing this, I realized there are... Read More


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