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    Video Script Writing Services

    Talk about your company, engage your customers, showcase a new product – and boost your SEO in the process. Videos have quickly become a staple of online marketing. For customers who’d rather see it than read it, videos are a great way to command attention and get results.


    outsidetheboxThink Outside the Box

    The more creative you can be the better. A dry and unimaginative video is likely to get noticed by few and loved by even fewer. But if you use a clever concept fueled by compelling copy and exciting visuals, you stand a chance of generating significant marketing power. I’m a video script copywriter in Toronto who is happy to work with you and your creative team to research, strategize, and of course, write!

    pulltheminPull Them In and Keep Them Engaged

    When your marketing video is complete and you’re ready to share it with the world, there are two must-posts: YouTube and your website. Whether you want traffic to your site, improved search engine rankings, new subscriptions or increased product sales, here are a few online video guidelines to remember:

    • Post on YouTube and embed that video in your own website too
    • Embed video in and amongst your text pages so the search engines know what it’s about
    • Make use of your video titles, descriptions and tags by including relevant keyword phrases
    • Include a text transcription of your video to give visitors (and the search engines) the best of both worlds

    Writing a Marketing Video Script

    I’m a Toronto video script writer whose work is guided by four important elements:

    • Emotion 
      Is there a way for us to evoke emotion? That emotion might be happiness, amusement, fear, sadness, anger, trust or surprise. Whatever it is, it needs to be powerful enough that people see your video and instantly feel compelled to share it.
    • Branding
      Of course, in any marketing video your brand must be incorporated. But there’s a fine line between tasteful and excessive. Try to make your branding part of the video instead of an afterthought you plaster on the screen at the end.
    • Core Message
      What do you want your viewers to take away from your video? If they had to summarize your video to someone else, what would you want them to say? Once a core message is decided, it’s easy to maintain focus and direction in the writing.
    • Call to Action
      It is critical that we tell your viewers what we want them to do. Subscribe to a monthly newsletter, download a whitepaper, visit your website, buy the new product – whatever it is, never assume your customer knows what to do. Guide. Point them in the right direction. Ask for the sale.



    Ready to write a video script?



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