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    Bystander No More – An Anti-Bullying Book that Needs Your Pledge to Come to Life

    Help me spread my message. Pledge for Bystander No More on Kickstarter today. So far, you know me as Katie McDonald the copywriter. But, behind the scenes, I’m actually Katie McDonald the creative writer too. Over the last year and a half, I’ve used my spare time to write an anti-bullying book with a big message for today’s youth. What’s Bullying Worth to You? Tears, fear, broken hearts, damaged psyches…death? For years now, we’ve been hearing, seeing and watching bullies hate and torment others in their path. Sometimes it leads to suspensions at school, other times injury, and worst of all, suicide and death. Just where exactly is our societal “tipping point” when it comes to bullying? Switching the Focal Point Although there certainly is tragedy and heart break that make their way into my story, it’s really the tale of a bystander who makes fortune out of misfortune and…    Continue Reading »

    A Day in the Life of a Toronto Writer

    Remember when you were little and your parents enrolled you in swimming classes but all you wanted to do was dance? Or maybe they tried to instill good discipline by signing you up for guitar lessons but you never gave it your all because hockey was the only thing on your mind. The truth is, we excel at what we’re passionate about. And for me, that’s writing. What Does a Toronto Writer Do? Since the start of my business, I’ve had the pleasure of working on some pretty unique projects. It isn’t always website content, brochures, media kits and press releases. I’ve edited people’s books, written short stories and even crafted intimate love letters. The beauty of my job as a Toronto writer is that no two projects are ever the same. I have the privilege of writing creatively, strategically and technically according to the demands of the project. How…    Continue Reading »


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