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    How to Build an Authoritative Online Presence

    It’s one thing to put up a website and start selling your products or services online, but it’s quite another to be the site that cuts through the clutter – with your target audience, with the search engines, with colleagues and competitors, and with other reputable online publishers. The Web is a noisy, chaotic and saturated place. With so many other companies fighting for the same business you are, it’s the authoritative website that earns it. What is an Authoritative Website? An authoritative website: Provides useful, high-quality and intelligent content Offers effective solutions to solve customer problems Attracts links from other authoritative publishers who recognize its value Appeals to the social networkers who want to share its content with others Employs an honest and informative sales process that converts visitors into buyers At the Core Sure, we may hide behind our websites, blogs and social media personalities, but at the…    Continue Reading »

    Write with Precision and Persuasiveness on the Web

    Writing is an art just like any other. It takes time and effort to produce copy that works within a specific context. Particularly if you’re writing for your website or for any other online marketing initiative, directness and benefit-heavy copy goes a long way. "I don't have any time." Write with a no-waste attitude. Imagine you’re a potential client and you only have 5 minutes to spare before you have to run out the door to an important meeting. When consumers browse the Internet, even if they’re not actually rushing to an appointment, this is the mentality they have. They’re in a rush. They have no time to waste. Be direct. Write for the rushed, impatient consumer. What can you say that will convince them to choose you over your competitors in 5 minutes or less? Keep your sentences short. Be concise. Leave out the “fluff”. Say only what needs…    Continue Reading »


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