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    What words are you using to sell? Use words that resonate with your target audience to create a full experience...and get more sales. The better your content, the more you'll sell A customer types a keyword into Google. Boom! Your website is the first to appear in the organic search results. Great job, SEO maven! Now what? Is your title tag strong or weak? What does your description tag tell the browser as their eyes shift downwards? Will the words you’ve used make them click their mouse or scroll down the page? I’ve been re-reading a few excerpts from Joe Sugarman’s book The Adweek Copywriting Handbook and although direct mail in the form he used it to earn millions is, for the most part, a thing of the past, his copywriting principles are timeless. Make no mistake about it, the words you use to sell your product, whether those words are communicated in a title tag,…    Continue Reading »

    Silence can be a lack of communication If you're silent, you may not be saying anything. 58 seconds. His heart beats quickly. His breath is swift and icy.He moves fast - faster than most. 45 seconds. This is it, and he knows it. In and out, up and down the ice, he strategizes and watches closely. Where are his teammates positioned? Is that defenseman close by? He's been hard to get away from all game. Of course, that's the point. Finally it comes. The opportunity. It must be taken. He sees it - the opening. He can do this, he can score to win the game. 31 seconds. The only way to take advantage of the critical opening before him is to get the attention of his teammate up ahead. Now. It has to be NOW. He slams his stick down on the ice, banging it repeatedly and quickly. As loud as he can, he yells…    Continue Reading »


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