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    6 reasons why you should embrace working from home

    Is it the pyjamas? No. In fact, you might prefer getting dressed up just the same way you would if you were going to the office! And there are studies that show higher productivity levels if you do. Having said that, if you're ecstatic about working in sweats now that your home has become your office, I say, all the power to you! COVID-19 and working from home Who would have thought that it would be a blasted super bug that would accelerate the already-shifting perception of what the traditional white-collar office job looks like? For a variety of reasons, the 9-to-5 really isn't 9:00 to 5:00 at all - and it hasn't been for many years now. The strike of COVID-19 has further exacerbated the transition, and quite possibly, changed the in-person, office job expectation forever. I know it might feel like COVID is over, but the truth is…    Continue Reading »


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