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    Website Content Writer in Toronto

    Don’t be overly-influenced by the notion that “nobody reads website content anymore”. This is simply not true. It’s not that online visitors don’t read at all – it’s that they read differently. Website content writing is an art and it calls for the perfect balance between succinctness and friendly formatting. Number one, your visitors should be visually stimulated when they view any page of website content. And number two, that content should be easy and pleasurable to read. It is these two foundational tactics that define my website content writing services.


    writeforwebWriting for the Web

    The web is a special place. Consumers behave differently online than they do anywhere else. They browse, skim, float and bounce from one site to another. Attention spans are short and patience is low. They’re on a mission and they want to find what they’re looking for fast. Which is exactly why your website content needs to have excellent structure, powerful words and web-friendly formatting.

    gettingvisitorsGetting Visitors … and Keeping Them

    The first step is attracting customers to your website. But once you have them, your battle isn’t even close to over because now you have to keep them there! No matter what page they land on, within a few seconds your website content needs to tell them that you’ve got exactly what they need. Killer web content has relevancy, interest, excitement, engagement, insight and visual appeal. I’m a Toronto website content writer who focuses on the user experience. I always ask myself, “If I were a customer on this website, what would I want to read? What questions would I want answered? What kind of copy would convince me to stay?”

    contentwithpurposeWebsite Content with a Purpose

    I love helping businesses improve their Internet presence. And today, you can’t afford to have a poor one. Many are labeling content marketing as “the new SEO” and “the new advertising” but it all starts with your website. What good is it to spend thousands of dollars bringing targeted leads to your website if the content on it doesn’t convert? Hire a web content writer in Toronto who knows how to create a compelling story that connects with your audience and achieves the desired result.

    seocopySearch Engine Optimized (SEO)

    In the beginning, SEO was all about keywords. Although they still play a vital role in your search engine optimization strategy, today there is a far greater focus on the quality of your website content. I recently wrote an article about this and you can read it here if you’re interested. It’s not just about writing for the sake of writing and throwing a few keywords into the mix. Good SEO writing strikes the perfect balance between keywords for the search engines and copy created with your readers in mind. Now more than ever before, you need unique, never-seen-before content to get big results. This, combined with your use of the right keywords, hits the jackpot. And I’m a Toronto web writer who can help you get there.



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