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    Toronto Social Media Writer

    Social media marketing is exciting, interactive and, unfortunately, very time consuming. The time it takes to write great articles, produce viral-quality videos or even just think of an interesting post to make on Twitter is far too much for most business owners. Besides, wouldn’t you rather spend your time doing what you do best? I’m a Toronto social media writer who can help you build a presence on all the major social media outlets that best apply to your business including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.


    Content, Content and More Content

    socialcontentToday’s customers are connected, engaged and involved. We rely on the Internet to help us find what we’re looking for, answer our questions and solve our problems. We are constantly reading, connecting, sharing and posting within our personal, intertwined, digital networks. The more content available to us the better, and a killer article or powerful video may even sway us to make a purchase. But your customers aren’t the only ones who love fresh, relevant and engaging content – the search engines do too. The more content you post, the more ways people can find you. When you add fresh content to your website on a regular basis, the more you demonstrate that yours is a site that’s here to stay, building and evolving as an authority in the industry.

    twoinoneTwo In One

    I’m a social media writer in Toronto who can help you do two things simultaneously: add content to your website and create a voice on social media platforms. First, we design a package and budget that works for you. Next, I outline what that package includes in the form of blogs, articles, video scripts and social media posts. The content I write is accompanied by social media posts to drive traffic to your website. If your visitors like the content, they’ll be prompted to share it using their favourite social media engines. By taking this approach, not only are you adding fresh content to your website on a continuous basis, but you’re also maintaining your voice in the dynamic world of social media.

    socialmediadiagramSocial Media Management

    A post a day, a post a week or a post a month – whatever your needs, I’m a Toronto social media writer who can create clever, thoughtful and creative social media posts on whatever platforms you like. I recommend that you incorporate a mix of company news, industry trends, special offers and promotions, contests, articles, blog posts, videos, infographics, and links to other exciting content from authoritative sources on the web.



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