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    Product Packaging Copywriting Services

    Every product deserves a great a package. And that package needs to attract, inform and persuade. Think of a product package as a fashion statement. It’s the dress you wear for an extravagant night out on the town or the tie that accompanies you to your business meeting. The clothing you wear says something about who you are, which is exactly what packaging does for products.


    emotionalsideGet in Touch with Your Emotional Side

    Too often a package says everything about the product or the people who created it but nothing about the consumer who purchases it. Use the space to amuse, entertain or enlighten. Go for a more social, humanistic and emotional connection. It’s how your customer feels that really matters. First impressions happen quickly and they stick. When a shopper peruses the shelves before a purchase, the package is all that’s left to make the sale.

    itdoesmatterIt Does Matter What it Looks Like

    Studies that analyze shopping behaviour, consumer psychology or shelf impact show that the appearance of the box does play a factor, even when we say it doesn’t. A product package that delivers a message, catches the eye of the shopper and instantly produces an emotion is one that makes the cut from shelf to shopping cart.

    Using the Right Words

    usingtherightwordsThink of your local grocery store with its endless number of aisles packed with products, the clothing store that hands out branded, reusable shopping bags with every purchase, or even something as simple as the box your new smartphone came in. Every product package has a message and I’m a Toronto product package copywriter who can help you craft and deliver it. It could be the tagline, the bullet point list of benefits or the possible side effects. Whatever the words on your package, every letter is important. You’re not writing a book or putting together a multi-page website. Real estate is limited and you need to say a lot, in a little.

    makethesaleMake the Sale

    Work with a product packaging copywriter in Toronto who knows how to pull from the depths of your brand. Before I begin writing, I make a point of learning about your product and how it fits into the marketplace. I research your competitors and take the time to understand your target audience. I collaborate with you to help you produce a product package that not only perfectly represents your brand but that also convinces shoppers it’s your product they should spend their money on.



    I love learning about new products. Let’s talk about yours.



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