My offering to you during COVID-19: Reduced pricing on all projects

Striking Content is open and I’m actively writing for the clients I value so much.
Whether you have pandemic-specific messaging you need help with or non-COVID related content requirements, I’m here for you.
During these difficult and uncertain times, I'm trying to do my small part and so I’m offering a 15% discount on every project that comes my way.

Let me know if I can help.

Stay safe and be healthy.

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    Toronto Presentation Writer

    Content simply isn’t enough anymore.  A little ironic coming from a writer, isn’t it?  But it’s true. If you want them to stay engaged, people need visual stimulation too.  Whether they’re potential clients in a meeting, new employees in a training session or corporate colleagues at an event, entertain their ears…and eyes.


    firmfoundationsFirm Foundations

    PowerPoint, video, live demonstration or slide show – whatever method of delivery you choose, content is at the core of its success. I’m a presentation writer in Toronto who makes a point of learning every last bit of information I need to write a presentation that will blow the socks off your audience.  That includes details about you, your business, the topic, the industry, your audience and the setting.

    wowfactorThe WOW Factor

    Now let’s take that base (that solid base of content) and bring it to life. If it’s a PowerPoint presentation, I can work with my talented design team to create compelling graphics and source powerful imagery that makes the content pop off the slides.  If it’s a video, I can work alongside your production team to develop copy that perfectly coincides with the footage you want to display.  If it’s more of a complex, interactive presentation, I’m happy to work in collaboration with you so that when it comes time for final delivery, what you say coincides perfectly with what you’re illustrating in front of your audience.

    The Keys to a Solid Presentation

    No matter the topic, setting, or nature of the crowd, a good presentation engages and enlightens your listeners.

    • Not What You Say, But What You Achieve
      Instead of asking you what you want to say, I focus on what it is you hope your audience will gain from the experience.
    • Who is Your Audience?
      Who are the people you’re presenting to? What do they care about? What problems do they face and how can you solve them? It’s critical that your presentation is written with your audience’s demographics, characteristics, behaviours and motivators in mind.
    • Using the Right Tone
      Within seconds, your audience can be on the edge of their seats or drooling in their sleep. The style of language you use should suit the message, the speaker and the audience.
    • Identifiable Language
      You might deliver a beautiful speech but if your audience can’t relate to it, you’ve defeated your own effort. I’m a Toronto presentation writer who wants to learn about your listeners and educate myself on the topic so that before I get into serious writing mode, I’m well prepared for the gig.



    Make your next presentation one the audience won’t forget.