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    Toronto Ghostwriter

    In one sense of the word, everything I do is ghostwriting. Once the material is written, it belongs entirely to you – not me. But when someone uses the word ghostwriter, they’re usually not referring to writers of websites, articles and email campaigns but rather of more large-scale literary works such as whitepapers, ebooks, novels and print books. Well, I’m a ghostwriter in Toronto who does both.


    knowwhentouseKnow When to Use a Ghostwriter

    Repeatedly during my first few years in business, I struggled with the decision of when to outsource and when to do it myself. What I realized is that the time I spent on tasks other than writing and marketing ate into the time I could have spent writing and growing my business.
    If you’re considering a Toronto ghostwriter for your business or you’re looking for someone to help you bring your creative ideas to life in the world of publishing, consider the services of a professional. This gives you more time to focus on what you’re good at, while you pay someone else to do what they’re good at.

    greenvineBringing Life to Your Concept

    As a ghostwriter in Toronto, first and foremost, it’s my job to understand you. Whether you’ve hired me to write an article, blog or website; or a novel, self-help book or autobiography, it’s your vision that’s most important. It’s a ghostwriter’s job to bring to life what you cannot put into words on your own.

    bookshadowThe Credit is Yours to Keep

    The beautiful part about working with a ghostwriter is that, just as the name sounds, we are ghosts behind the scenes of your work. We help you put your inner voice into a cohesive format that fits the medium and delivers the message. Once the project is complete, it’s as though we never existed. Your work is posted, published and shared as your own. And I’m a Toronto ghostwriter who is always happy to help.



    Looking for a “ghost” to work with behind the scenes?



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