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    Direct Mail Writing Services

    Make straight, uninterrupted contact with your customers. It might be via email, social media, websites, mailers or a combination of all four, but whatever the medium, it’s the direct, concise, “no-waste” style of copy that’s important. And I’m a direct marketing writer in Toronto who can help.


    Multichannel Direct Marketing


    Be ubiquitous. Send a mobile email teaser to spark interest before your mailer. Or help your email campaign gain some serious traction with a social media component. Gone are the days of single routes. Today’s marketing landscape calls for a multichannel approach that is engaging, interactive and social.

    tapemeasureMeasuring Results

    What good is a marketing campaign if you make no effort to track its results? Not only is direct marketing highly measurable, but today’s technologies make it easier than ever before to monitor the success of our efforts. Part of a good marketing strategy is creating and managing brilliant campaigns, but more importantly, if you evaluate the results of those campaigns, you put yourself in a position to tweak, alter and change certain aspects to maximize your success.

    Build a Relationship


    As opposed to traditional advertising, direct marketing gives you the ability to directly communicate with your customers. There’s nothing generic or impersonal about it. Whether it’s to click a subscribe button, “like” your page on Facebook, or download an ebook, direct marketing gets right to the point and asks for a specific response. What’s so fantastic about the methods of marketing that fall into this category, is the fact that they allow you to start building a relationship with your customers right from the get go. Maybe they won’t purchase right away but once a connection is made, you can touch base, communicate, make special offers and build brand loyalty until they do.

    timetoactDrive Customer Action

    As mass marketing becomes a thing of the past, the right direct marketing copywriter in Toronto can help you engage with your customers on a more personal level. Although the channels may have changed, at its very core, direct marketing is still about driving customer action. Instead of thinking about digital marketing and direct marketing as two different methodologies, create a new model that combines the two.



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