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    Writing Slogans

    Some companies have one, some don’t. Other businesses may use several to promote different products and services. So just how important is it to create a slogan that defines you? Think of it this way: the better you can communicate the identity of your brand, the more likely it will resonate with your target audience.


    letterheadJust a Few Words Can Mean So Much

    It’s amazing isn’t it? How a simple string of three or four words can have a profound impact on the way we feel. Words have this quality – this power – within them, which is one of the very reasons I became a writer. Think of a few of the slogans we know so well: Just Do It (Nike), I’m Lovin’ It (McDonald’s), Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand (M&Ms), A Diamond is Forever (De Beers Diamond Company). We hear them and we instantly associate with the brand. Not only because we’ve heard them so many times, but also because they work.

    dnahourglassYour Business DNA

    Your slogan is the DNA of your company. A good one is complete, reliable and emotionally linked. And when it clicks, a slogan can be a defining part of your marketing strategy. Although it may not have immediate impact, a slogan grows with your company and has a hold that’s long lasting.

    gearsblackCharacteristics Every Slogan Should Have

    A great slogan isn’t necessarily the most clever or most unusual. Look at the list above. Besides M&Ms’, none of them really have a wily quality about them. And yet according to many these are considered to be the most successful and most widely known slogans of all time. So what’s it all about? I can tell you that I’m a Toronto slogan writer who focuses on:

    • Simplicity
    • Catchiness
    • Memorability
    • Action
    • Emotion
    • Relevancy
    • Descriptiveness

    How It Works

    • First, I consult with you. I learn about who you are and what matters most to you, your company and your customers.
    • Second, I research. I make sure I have a handle on the industry, your competitors and what makes you distinct.
    • Third, I brainstorm. I allow my thoughts and ideas to percolate.
    • Last, I write. And I don’t produce just a single slogan, but several. I experiment with different concepts and produce multiple variations so that ultimately, you’re the one who makes the final decision.


    In need of a slogan?



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