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    3 Easy Ways to Get Better Web Content

    [embed][/embed] Why is it that some web content is interesting and some isn't? Why is it that we WANT to read a full page sometimes but not other times? There are a few key elements that play a vital role in what I believe is awesome web content. And here I am giving away my secrets?! Yes. Because everyone deserves to have web content that really engages, intrigues, informs and excites - and that's visually appealing too.    Continue Reading »

    Produce REAL Content

    What I mean by REAL content is content that is genuine, honest, informative and valuable to your audience. Find a way to produce content that reflects YOU - the person who owns and runs the company. Because these days, it's not about the business, it's about the people behind it. [embed][/embed]    Continue Reading »

    Don’t Sell. Tell a Story.

    You’ve probably heard this a lot lately. “Tell a story with your content.” Sure. That sounds great! We all love stories. But what exactly does this mean? And more importantly, how is it done? Have a conversation with your audience. I say this quite a bit. In fact, every time I say it, I think to myself, do I ever sound like a broken record… But in my defense, I don’t say it to the same people over and over again – I communicate this concept to all of my clients. Content marketing has shifted away from staunchy, disconnected language that creates a barrier between you and your audience, and now leans more towards the use of casual, genuine words – the kinds you would use in conversation with a friend. And this makes it much easier to tell an exciting story. Get personal. Think about the last time you…    Continue Reading »

    5 Things Your Content Should Tell Your Customers

    Although the latest misconception in the all-important world of content is “nobody reads anymore”, I fundamentally disagree. In fact, I think people read more these days but in a different way. We still visit websites, participate in social media, pick up a brochure, browse through a magazine – only now, we might “skim” a little more, or read half and then move on, or flip through pages a little faster. Sure, a customer may not have the intention of reading every last word, but they certainly want to read some of it. What determines how much of your copy your target audience reads? The material The presentation These are the two key components of your content marketing campaign. What are you saying and how you are saying it? Tell Your Customers... 1 - It's easy. Customers don’t want to be bombarded with irrelevant information. Too many details that don’t necessarily…    Continue Reading »

    Build Your Content Marketing Strategy. For the Long Term.

    The days of long, tedious sales letters are a thing of the past – or at least they should be. In our current market the greatest online success comes from regular, consistent and engaging interactions between you and your potential customers. Understand the Digital Consumer Consumers of the modern world have a voice. Whether you post an article, launch a new video on your website or hold a contest for free product giveaways, customers who come across your latest content marketing initiative want to make a comment, share the post, spread the word or write a review. They want their voices to be heard. The companies who build content marketing strategies that revolve around customer interaction are those that achieve the greatest results. Be Patient The traditional long-style sales letters are designed to sell a customer in minutes. Don’t think, don’t wait – buy now. Sure, your sales letter may…    Continue Reading »


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