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    Toronto Brochure Writer

    Think brochures are a thing of the past? Not necessarily. Just because online and digital marketing has taken over the front seat of most business’s campaigns, doesn’t mean there isn’t a time and place for print. What about the client who wants something to walk away with after a meeting? Or the tradeshow attendee who needs to remember your booth long after the event is over?
    With the help of a brochure writer in Toronto, you can create a beautiful piece that informs, influences and persuades.


    crayonWriting a Killer Brochure

    The same as any other marketing initiative, writing can make or break your brochure. You need copy that not only tells readers about your business, but that also addresses the right questions, concerns, pain points and emotions. Sure, potential customers need to know who you are and what you do, but more importantly, they want to know how you’re going to help them.

    I’m a Toronto brochure writer who focuses on:

    • The front page! We can’t let this valuable real estate go to waste by displaying only your logo, company or product name. I like to use the cover to immediately entice and intrigue with an interesting idea or concept.
    • Benefits, not features. At the crux of the sales process is proving the benefits to your customers. Instead of bombarding your readers with a ton of features, sell them on the benefits those features provide.
    • Your customer. First, I address your customers. Then, I talk about your business.
    • Maintaining the right voice. Your brochure should demonstrate authority and credibility but also personality. Have an engaging conversation with your readers. Put them at ease. Excite them. And ultimately, convince them to make the next move.


    colorpalleteYou’ve made the decision to hire a brochure copywriter in Toronto but have you considered the visual side of the project? Great copy must be accompanied by great design. If you like the idea of working with one company to create a cohesive piece from start to finish, Striking Content can provide copywriting and graphic design. I personally write the copy and act as your project manager who works with a team of designers to bring your piece to life. If you already have a talented designer and all you need is a top-notch copywriter to complete the team, I’m happy to help.



    Let’s get started!