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    31 Jul '14

    Bystander No More – An Anti-Bullying Book that Needs Your Pledge to Come to Life

    Help me spread my message. Pledge for Bystander No More on Kickstarter today. So far, you know me as Katie McDonald the copywriter.... Read More

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    28 May '14

    A Few of My Favourite Marketing Quotes

    There’s something special about a quote. Just a few words strung together that make perfect sense and that make a powerful point –... Read More

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    29 Apr '14

    Don’t Sell. Tell a Story.

    You’ve probably heard this a lot lately. “Tell a story with your content.” Sure. That sounds great! We all love stories. But what... Read More

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    27 Mar '14

    How to Add Great Content to Your Website AND Contribute to Social Media

    Some of you might be thinking, “Why do I need to add new content to my site? I like the way it is... Read More


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