My offering to you during COVID-19: Reduced pricing on all projects

Striking Content is open and I’m actively writing for the clients I value so much.
Whether you have pandemic-specific messaging you need help with or non-COVID related content requirements, I’m here for you.
During these difficult and uncertain times, I'm trying to do my small part and so I’m offering a 15% discount on every project that comes my way.

Let me know if I can help.

Stay safe and be healthy.

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Toronto Blog Writer

Give your business a voice. Put your knowledge, ideas and insights into a format that others can learn from and enjoy. Start a dialogue with your visitors. Use a blog to add fresh content to your website (which of course, Google loves) and to give your business credibility in the online space.


The People Behind the Business

headboxThere’s been a shift. Yesterday’s marketing is corporate, faceless and brand-focused. Today’s marketing is personal, interactive and conversational. People aren’t interested in the mass media, sales-heavy approach. They’re too smart for that. Customers want to connect, engage, share and participate. They want you to have a conversation with them, tell them something interesting, talk to them as the person you are not the company you own.

rssbigRegular Contributions

With the recent changes in Google’s algorithms and it’s newest addition of Google Authorship, active and consistent content publication on the web is more important than it’s ever been. Companies are changing their ways and content marketing is becoming one of the biggest aspects of any complete marketing strategy. I’m a blog writer in Toronto who can help you maintain an interesting and engaging online voice for your company. The more you write, the more ways customers can find you.

movierollMore than Words

Don’t limit yourself to written articles. Maybe you want a mix of videos, articles and infographics. I’m a Toronto blog writer who can help you write anything and everything to market your business. I work to establish your business as a credible source for valuable information and exciting conversation on the web.

thumbsupMake it Social

By honing in on topics your audience is actually interested in, the greater the likelihood that people will share your content with their networks on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. And when you monitor results and track trends and interests over time, you gain a much better understanding of your readers, which means your future blog posts will be more in line with what they want. And it’s this approach that maybe, just maybe will help you achieve what every business wants: to go viral!



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