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    What is an advertisement? If you’re Don Draper, it’s a full-page piece in the New Yorker. If you’re Mark Zuckerberg, it’s a mobile display ad. Yes, times have certainly changed. In the 50s and 60s, advertising was a limited space – consisting primarily of magazine and newspaper ads. Today, advertising has evolved into what seems a limitless number of ways to communicate. It’s a display ad on Facebook’s timeline, Google PPC, mobile MMS, a viral video on YouTube, a series of tweets on Twitter, an online banner, an email – and the list goes on and on.


    lightbulbDare to be Different

    With an infinite number of methods to deliver your message, we’ve entered an era where it takes incredible insight and astounding originality to make serious waves. Not that advertising didn’t always call for crafty planning, but today it isn’t so confined. We’re not staring at a blank page wondering how to fill it – at least in this case, the medium has already been decided. But we don’t even have the page yet!


    baloonAdvertising Takes Any Form

    What’s exciting and yet ridiculously challenging, is the fact that now advertising can be, quite literally, anything. For Hotmail, it was a single line of text at the bottom of every email that said “P.S. I love you. Get your free email at Hotmail.” Doesn’t really seem like advertising in our traditional understanding of the word, does it? And yet this little feature got the company to one million users within six months! For Dropbox, it was adding a “Get Free Space” button on the front page of their service prompting users to invite friends and receive 500 megabytes of free space for every referral (a program that resulted in 2.8 million direct invites a month). Apple and Blackberry turned their devices into full blown advertising engines by adding “Sent from my iPhone” or “Sent from my Blackberry” to every message. You see, it doesn’t always “look” like advertising and yet the results are undeniable. So start thinking outside the box and hire a Toronto advertisement writer to help you. The possibilities are endless.

    Copy that Converts

    headgearThe days of “hard selling” are over. Pushy, invasive sales techniques are a thing of the past. As a modern-day advertising copywriter in Toronto I’m a believer that today’s most successful ads are those that are almost disguised as something else. It could be an article, a video or a social media post. Whatever the medium, it’s the voice that matters. Be informative, entertaining and honest. Be original and exciting. Don’t sell to your customers – talk to them. Don’t be a company, be the person behind it.

    coloredpenThe All-Important Visual Component

    Yes, I’m a Toronto ad copywriter but I’m also a huge advocate of the visual. Not only am I referring to the way my copy is formatted and structured, but also to the graphic design and imagery that accompanies it. Create a story with your advertisements. Take your customers on a journey with you. Stimulate their senses and tap into their emotions. It’s up to you to make a statement so they make a move.



    Ready to be creative?



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