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    Content Editor in Toronto

    Nothing beats a second set of eyes. If your existing copy has grammatical errors that need to be fixed, you’re not entirely happy with the way it reads, or you feel as though it’s missing that special punch, you may be in need of proofreading or editing services. My services are tailored to suit your needs, be it a quick once-over or a more comprehensive, in depth approach.



    checklistGrammatically correct copy is crucial to ensure that your business is seen as a professional entity. Proofreading is the act of correcting a piece of writing. This includes checking for spelling, punctuation, grammar and typos. My Toronto proofreading service is accommodating and I can use the style guide of your selection, as long as the guidelines are provided to me.

    Content proofreading is technical. I abide by grammatical rules and style guides to find errors within the copy and arrive at an end result that is still your copy, but free of errors.


    Editing is the process of revising your existing copy. Beyond proofreading, as your Toronto editor I check for syntax and readability. Where need be, I add, cut and rearrange various words and sentences. In some cases, I take editing a step further to provide a complete revision and overhaul of the original content.

    Contrary to proofreading, editing is a more creative, time consuming and in depth process. As your Toronto content editor, I combine my writing skills with marketing considerations to produce a final piece that effectively communicates with your target market.

    knowingdifferenceKnowing the Difference

    If you’re not a writer, sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether or not your copy requires simple proofreading or complex editing. The best way to figure out what you need is to consult a professional. As a proofreader and editor in Toronto, I’m here to help. Contact me to discuss your project and I would be happy to give you my recommendations.



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