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    How to Choose a Copywriter

    Selecting the right copywriter is an important decision. Style, process, experience and core competencies vary from one copywriter to another thus making your decision one that requires time, patience and a solid method through which to analyze the right criteria. Experience Experience matters. As essential as they are, there is a limit to what can be learned in university courses that can be said to have a direct impact on a copywriter’s professional aptitudes. Some copywriters begin their careers in full-time roles of employment whereas others make their leap into the freelance marketplace immediately. In either case, an examination of existing samples and client testimonials may help to determine if the writer’s experience is both sufficient and appropriate for your company. In a field where the diversity of requirement is as broad as the entrepreneurial spirit of clients, it stands to reason that copywriters will specialize in certain specific types…    Continue Reading »

    Good Grammar and Why It Matters

    Did You Know? There is a rather grim irony to the fact that many business professionals today who are, literally, at the top of their game, are also those who were the recipients of educational experiments in language instruction during their academic years. During the late sixties and seventies English teachers were forbidden from offering any instruction in formal grammar. Even simple rules regarding the use of punctuation were shunned by theorists and policy makers in favour of the unproved notion that conventions like these were acquired through random exposure rather than through direct instruction. It hardly comes as a surprise that many business professionals whose first language is actually English, find it difficult to communicate with language that is concise and correct. Cruel Twist of Fate Later when this experimental phase proved to be false, formal English instruction was reintroduced, however, for those who were in grades three through…    Continue Reading »

    The Benefits of Using a Professional Copywriter

    Whether it’s amazing talent, a sought-after service or an ingenious product, you have everything it takes to succeed. And now you can’t wait to tell the world about it so your business can take off. Whether you decide to market your product or service through a website, sales letters, print advertisements or television commercials, you need powerful copy to convey your message in such a way that sales are maximized and targets are hit. A professional copywriter can help you do just that. You have the skills to provide your product or service, and a copywriter has the skills to bring you customers. The right professional copywriter can help you capture your target audience’s interest with carefully formulated, relevant and engaging words that inspire action. Save time. As a business owner, you likely have what seems to be a never-ending to-do list – and writing compelling copy about your business…    Continue Reading »


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