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    Article Writing Service

    After years of regurgitated content production on the web, it’s time to put on your thinking hat. It’s time to get creative. It’s time to be inspired and to inspire your audience too. Articles are all the rage IF you’re writing something of value. If you’re just republishing the same copy as the next guy, don’t expect to get any real response from your efforts.


    newsreaderIt’s a Great Time for Articles

    Online articles are more powerful than ever before. Why? Because now we have the ability to instantly share those articles with our social networks, which for some of us could consist of thousands and thousands of people. But now it’s not enough to write about generic topics or reproduce content you’ve seen in a hundred other places just for the sake of posting an article online. No, no. Not today. Your customers are demanding more. They’re happy to share your articles and sometimes even promote your business on your behalf, but you need to provide real value in order for that to happen. And you can! Everybody can. But if you don’t want to go it alone, hire an article writer in Toronto to help.

    speechbubbleHave a Conversation

    In years past, you may have written an article and found yourself struggling because you feared it didn’t sound “professional enough” or “corporate enough”. Today, although quality of writing is still a big factor (which is why Toronto article writers such as myself are still in business), the “professional” or “corporate” emphasis is not. In fact, your customers want quite the opposite. They want you to have a conversation with them. Talk to them like real people.

    linkchaingSell Without Selling

    Use articles as a way to offer useful and interesting information to your audience. Engage people in a way that no one else in your industry has. It’s not selling. It’s communicating. It’s building. And it’s connecting. The sale comes later and it comes because you took the time to form a relationship with your audience first through interesting, informative and compelling content.

    circularcoloredThe Process

    I’m an article writer in Toronto who can not only help you write articles that give your brand an exciting voice, but also brainstorm popular, trending topics within your industry. I always consider the business, the medium, the target audience and the core message so that in the end, my writing is in line and on point.

    Let’s write an article.



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